Our Story

Bobii Frutii was Founded in 2016 by Young and his girlfriend Katrina in Taiwan.

When the founders studied in the U.S., Young had a goal of making healthier bubble tea drinks for his girlfriend, so he went back to Taiwan to learn the art of making boba, visiting lots of tea farms and live in Kyoto for a year to learn about Matcha to make his girlfriend the perfect bubble tea and fitted her daily mood.

After tasting a variety of special bubble tea mix around the world, they decided to return to Taiwan and build the brand. In 2016, they found layered bubble tea in Taiwan then swept to the world. Bobii Frutii combines Taiwanese Tea Culture with Western Fashion elements to create the revolutionary brand with innovative and beautiful drinks.

Our mission is to redefine the essence of Bubble Tea.
Bobii Frutii - Not Just a Drink But a Journey.

What is Bobii Frutii?

Bobii Frutii - The Fruit of Innovation and Tradition.

Inspired by the Taiwanese specialty drink, "Bubble Tea," Bobii Frutii's drinks are infused with creativity and passion, stimulating your senses. Bobii Frutii is dedicated to producing the finest beverage in the world with the highest standard of ingredients, creating extraordinary taste and enjoyment.

We proudly serve the unparalleled beverage to our customers.

Every Bobii Frutii Signature drinks is a cup of art with a unique name and unique personality that tells a unique story. Some are colorful and cheerful, some are calm and stable, and some are unwilling to be ordinary.

Share our story and tell us yours.

Bobii Frutii - Not Just a Drink But a Journey.

What Bobii Frutii Stand For?
Highest Quality
When we were founding Bobii Frutii. we establish three standards that forever remind us in our business: Highest Quality, Innovation and Service. Over time, It's evolved into three core values that every teatendders in Bobii Frutii stands for.
Our Mission

Bobii Fruti's mission is to "Deliver the Fine Value of Real Food.

In this fast-food generation, food colorings and artificial flavors are everywhere; however, Bobii Frutii’s mission is to “Deliver the Fine Value of Real Food”. Along with the carefully selected high quality ingredients, every single drink in Bobii Frutii is handcrafted by our creative Teatenders.

Let tea be more than tea, be a friend that understand you, be a story about you.
Use a cup of good tea to reduce stress and to refresh yourself.
We treat each drink with the highest standard as making a dessert in a Michelin starred restaurant.
Having a drink at Bobii Frutii is a fun, enjoyable and fashionable experience.