Welcome to Bobii Frutii

Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in becoming a Bobii Frutii Franchisee, the most creative and the most fashionable Bubble Tea Brand in the World!

We’re looking for entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and self-motivated franchisees to join the Bubble Tea Revolution and swept the world with us!

Bobii Frutii combines Taiwanese Tea Culture with Western fashion elements to create the revolutionary brand with innovative and beautiful drinks. In 2016, we found layered bubble tea in Taiwan then swept to the whole country.


At Bobii Frutii, every cup represents a canvas depicting our imagination.
At Bobii Frutii, making drinks is an art.
We must let everyone feel the spirit of Bobii Frutii at first sight. After drinking, everyone can experience the original taste of the high quality ingredients. The different levels of tastes along with the fine finishing touch form a complete and beautiful scenery. Bobii Frutii’s drink is not just an ordinary drink; it is moving piece of art.

In addition, we have partnered with many popular fashion brands over the years!

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