This is your opportunity to join the most creative and the most fashionable Bubble Tea Brand in the world at your earliest opportunity with full backing from our experts.
When you decide to join the Bobii Frutii family, you will not be operating as a third party operator. Instead you will be working directly with Bobii Frutii’s headquarter. We Are One Family.

After signing the contract, our professional team will help you start and manage the process for opening the shop. We aim to make this journey smooth, straight forward, so you can focus your attention on providing great products and service to our customers after grand opening!

Bobii Frutii headquarter will undertakes and be responsible for:
(A) Being Your Best Partner
Headquarter will assign at least one operation consultant to advice and assist you with the overall planning of the launch and operations of the Business, including:
Site selection for the shop
Standard design and layout plan
Equipment, furnishings, fixtures and fittings for your shop
Manpower resource allocation
Guidelines and specifications for the Corporate Identity System
Developing local marketing planning

You will gain a strong understanding of the Bobii Frutii brand through the process for opening the shop and the Initial Training.

(B) Initial Training and On-Site Support:
Prior to the opening of your shop, we will assign one technical, educational and service consultant to the shop to guide, and support you in the launch and the operations of the business and resolve operational and technical problems.

Through intensive, hands-on training programs, Bobii Frutii helps you to build successful business and bright futures

(C) On-Going Training and Support:
We will provide on-going training and support to you

Consultation, advice and assistance on the operations of the Business

other on-going value-added services and/or support from time to time as may be necessary; and

annual performance and compliance audit to assess your business on a regular basis. The expert from headquarter will review your performance of the shop and to suggest possible ways to improve the business operations where necessary. This will complement the on-site visits to ensure your site is performing to Bobii Frutii standards.

(D) Exclusive Products
We will customized exclusive products for the local market according to our research of the market. And provide new products advise every season.

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